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Google search console update

What is the Google Search Console Update?

The Google search console update is a new update that was launched by Google a few weeks ago. This update is designed to help website owners to track their website’s search performance and find and fix any issues.

The Google search console update includes a number of new features and updates, including the following:

  1. Performance dashboard: The performance dashboard will help track your website’s search performance. You can track the impressions, clicks, and positions of your website on Google search.
  2. Search results page: The search results page will help you to see how your website appears on Google searches. You can see the title, description, and URL of your website on the search results page.
  3. Index coverage: The index coverage tool will help you to see which pages of your website are being indexed by Google.
  4. AMP reporting: The AMP reporting tool will help you to see how your website’s AMP pages are performing.
  5. Crawl errors: The crawl errors report will help you to find and fix any errors on your website that are preventing it from being crawled and indexed by Google.
  6. Sitemaps: The sitemaps tool will help you to create and submit a sitemap for your website.
  7. robots.txt: The robots.txt tool will help you to create and edit the robots.txt file for your website.
  8. HTML Improvements: The HTML improvements tool will help you to identify and fix any HTML issues on your website.
  9. Mobile usability: The mobile usability tool will help you to identify and fix any mobile usability issues on your website. Some mobile usability issues that may need to be fixed include:

-Making it difficult to navigate the website on a mobile device

-Making it difficult to view the website on a mobile device

-Having links that are too close together makes it difficult to select the desired link

-Text that is too small to read on a mobile device

-Images that are too large and take up too much space on a mobile device

-Not having a mobile-friendly version of the website

Are you using Google Search Console? If not, you should be! This powerful tool can help you improve your website’s visibility in search results, and it’s just been updated with some new features.

One of the most useful features of Search Console is the ability to see which queries are driving traffic to your site. With the recent update, you can now see not only the questions but also the average position of your site in the SERPs. This is valuable information that can help you fine-tune your SEO strategy.

In addition, the update includes a new way to submit sitemaps. Now you can submit your sitemap directly from Search Console, instead of having to go through the Webmaster Tools interface. This makes it easier to keep your sitemaps up to date, which is important for keeping your website visible in search results.

Finally, the update introduces a new way to test structured data. This feature allows you to test how Google understands your structured data and can help you troubleshoot any problems.

If you’re not already using Google Search Console, now is the time to start. These new features can help you get more website traffic and improve your overall SEO.

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